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Mark L. Pearson: An Experienced Trial Lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi


Founded 20 years ago in the capitol city, Mark L. Pearson,-P.A.-is a law firm with a history of winning biq settlements; on behalf of those who have been injured. If your life has been cast into chaos because of someone else's negligence and you're being denied the compensation you're justly entitled to, we're here to help. We've represented thousands of clients in individual and mass tort lawsuits.


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Our clients receive very personal, attentive service from our friendly staff. Mark L. Pearson is an experienced trial lawyer who takes the time to work closely with each client and who makes it a point of pride to answer questions and phone calls as promptly as possible. In addition, paralegal Crystal Matthews has worked on our staff for 13 years, consistently providing our clients with reliable, knowledgeable service.

Passion. Principles. Purpose.

At Mark L. Pearson, P.A., we are inspired by the courage of our clients, and we are driven by gratitude for the fact that we have the chance to help them put their lives back together after an often-tragic misfortune. Everyday, we represent people who find themselves victimized by the greed or negligence of insurance companies and big businesses - businesses that will fight every attempt to hold them responsible for negligent or illegal actions.

If big businesses insist on fighting justice, then we insist on fighting back. We are never intimidated by a bankroll because we know our practice thoroughly, and we have the trial experience to prove that you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. For a free initial consultation, contact us today.