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At Mark L. Pearson, P.A., we take pride in the fact that we are able to help clients who are forced into fights with large corporations and insurance companies just after experiencing some of the most severe traumas of their lives. With 17 years of experience and a history of successful verdicts, personal injury attorney Mark L. Pearson has the skill and knowledge to help you receive the compensation you deserve.


Contact us online or call 1-8OO-627-6822 for a free consultation regarding any of the following practice areas:


  • Personal injury:  If you suffer an injury through someone else's negligence, the responsible party is obligated to compensate you. Don't let yourself be shortchanged by an insurance company.


  • Mass torts/class actions:  At Mark L. Pearson, RA., we have represented thousands of clients successfully in mass tort cases involving pharmaceutical drugs, dangerous products, contaminated food and medical devices, including post surgical pain pump and contrast dyes.


  • Credit card arbitration litigation:  If you've been sued by a credit card company to pay for charges you didn't make on an account you either closed or never opened, your rights have been violated. We can turn the tables and countersue.


  • Product liability:  When a company makes a product, they are responsible for making sure that the product is safe. We have successfully sued pharmaceutical companies, auto manufacturers and more for injuries caused by defects in their products.


  • Insurance bad faith:  Tens of millions of Americans pay monthly premiums faithfully, all in the hope that the insurance company will keep their word when called upon for help. If you've been denied a legitimate claim, read on.


  • Plane, train and automobile injuries:  Whether caused by driver negligence, auto defects or faulty maintenance, we have handled cases involving accidents with all types of motor vehicle.


  • Construction defects:  If your construction project has been ruined or seriously set back because of a problem with design, a defective product like synthetic stucco, or poor construction, we can help.



  • Maritime injuries/Jones:  Act If you were injured working on mobile vessel in a navigable waterway, you're eligible to sue for personal injury compensation under the Jones Act.


  • White collar criminal defense:  If you're being charged with a felony white collar crime, a good defense should be your first priority. Mark L. Pearson has a background in finance along with extensive experience in defending against these charges.


To get more information or to set up a free initial consultation, contact us today. We take all personal injury cases on a contingency basis, so if we don't win a settlement, you don't have to pay us.