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If you're suffering the after-effects of a serious personal injury - whether you were injured or a loved one was - the prospect of fighting an insurance company or large corporation just to get compensation can seem like too much of a burden to bear. At Mark L. Pearson, P.A.,. our passion lies in bringing justice to our clients, and we will take up the fight for you when you are least able to fight for yourself.


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Whatever the circumstances of your case, we can help. We’ve successfully sued on behalf of individual clients and with class action/mass tort lawsuits for damages for injuries that occur from the following:



A Law Firm That Won't Back Down From Any Opposition


It's common practice for corporations and insurance companies to try to intimidate their opposition into settling for a bad deal.. Insurance companies believe that when their opponent sees how many attorneys and resources they have, victims will assume they could never win in court. All too often, this tactic works.


At Mark L. Pearson, P.A., it doesn't work, and it never will. We believe too strongly in the rights and well-being of our clients to ever accept an agreement that is not in their best interests. Our guiding philosophy is centered on two complimentary principles:


  • Always stand up for those who need it the most.
  • Never back down from any opponent, no matter their size or strength.


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